Actividades de aventura

Make your freetime an adventure. For enjoying of this privileged space where is located Mas del Llop, we offer some ideas to travel arround, like mountain bike tours, motorbike tours, Quad tours...

Descubrir Teruel

Disvover the cornes of Teruel. If you want to make the most of your stay in Teruel province, knowing the corners of this picturesque aerea, we recommend some place you should´n miss...

A lot of near villages with an special charm, only to walk along their cobbled streets is a pleasure.. Some of them:


Ruta de las Neveras en La Cerollera

Fridge Route. It is a beautiful route to be carried out by foot, starts in La Cerollera and leads us to know old fridges (used long time ago for winter ice storing) and enjoy the virging landscape of the aerea.


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El Parrisal, en BeceiteEl Parrisal, a natural paradise. A ravine tha is crossed by Matarraña river with awesome views, waterfalls and lush vegetation. Located in Beceite, 36 km far from the Masía. It is recommended for children and adults.

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Ruta de las Cárceles

Route of the Gaolsin Mezquín-Matarraña shires. It runs along diverse pintoresque villages, in close proximity, some of them with awesome castles, mannor houses and traditional buildings. Amongst these whe can highlight: Torre del Compte, Monroyo, Peñarroya de Tastavins,  Fórnoles, Torre de Arcas, Cretas, Valderrobres, Calaceite, Beceite, Belmonte de San José…

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Vía Verde Val de Zafán

Val de Zafán Greenway. For bikers, you can bike the old railway from Alcañiz to Tortosa. A wealthy and differente way of knowing Teruel province.

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Motorland Aragón. AlcañizMotorland, for motor lovers. Come to Aragon circuit, in Alcañiz (only 35 km far from the masía), to attend a lot of competitions that take place or for a ride in a kart... What would you like?

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Dinópolis InhospitakDinópolis - Inhospitak... Kids (and no so children) will enjoy Inhospitak, in Peñarroya de Tastavis, only 20 km far from the masía. You will know a dinosaur that lived here 100 years ago and that was found in this village. Also videos, computer games, a model of the archaeological site to know how a dinosaur is discovered... Are you going to miss it?

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